Friday, February 12, 2016

All You Need is Love

Each year we are provided with a day to celebrate Love and it is called Valentine's Day. This day involves the typical last minute anxiety laced behavior by men to select their sweetheart a special gift.  It is true we men sometimes wait until the last minute, but hopefully the thought and gesture is well intentioned and sincerely felt.

The day also is an opportunity for all of us to become conscious of the most powerful energy on the planet-Love. Sometimes referred to as an emotion, chemical, force and more, Love has been the subject of stories both romantic and tragic since the written history began. Our most intelligent people have not been able to define or understand Love and the phrase "love is blind" has more neuroanatomical truth behind it than most realize!

While all the gifts are nice and the time spent with our loved ones is so important, I want to emphasize how important it is now that all humans begin to tap into, feel, and express Love not just this day, but all days. I believe the human race is in some serious need of a good dosage of Love as we have become rather bitter, hostile, and angry towards one another. There is too much war and unnecessary death. Each of these are the exact opposite of Love and once again a completely different set of systems in the brain are being used.

God gave us a brain and in the brain a reward system that carries with it the ability to love and to feel the euphoria of love. Let us all try to spend a little time each day using this gift and sharing this thing called Love with as many people as we can. This means even with those who we might think least deserve it.

In the words of St. Paul, "in the end there are but three truths, Love, Hope, and Faith and the greatest of these is Love."

Happy Valentine's Day,

Dr. Nussbaum
Brain Health Center