Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas and A Prayer for Love, Forgiveness, and Hope

            The Christmas Holiday Season is upon us and represents a very important day for Christians all across the planet. This season brings an opportunity to stop, reflect, and to heal. Regardless of belief system or background, all humans benefit from feeling and expressing love, forgiveness, and hope.

            Today, we are a nation in need of healing in many ways. We seem to be split on too many factors from politics, socioeconomic structure, religion, race, gender, etc. Our days are spent engaged in hurtful and harmful behavior, judgment, and gossip towards one another. We seem to have lost a sense of grace, kindness, and compassion and we might need to be reminded that we are all humans with so much in common.

            It is not difficult to turn the television on and witness much violence, hatred, and killing across the world. Once again, humans with so much in common have instead turned to rage and hatred that splits us and keeps us from the greatness the human race can and should be.

            We often turn to political leaders to resolve such issues and we might believe there are laws that can fix the problems we face. While that will continue to be a strategy worldwide, I think Christmas offers another strategy, one that is much more human and indeed real.

            My prayer for this Christmas and Holiday Season is for all Americans and indeed all humans on planet earth to turn to the greatest healing medicines of all time: Love, Forgiveness, and Hope. Let us work to express our love for one another, to forgive those who have hurt us, and to offer hope to those in need.

            It is very true that there are those in our world who will not join me in this prayer. However, there are millions of us on this planet who are filled with Love, Forgiveness, and Hope and together we can unite our nation and world for a better tomorrow.

            Jesus taught us to love others, as we want to be loved, to forgive those who trespass against us, and to always have hope. We are meant to help others and to be compassionate to those most in need. We are to free ourselves from angst and bitterness and all anxiety. Each of us has this power within and it really is the best path to our healing and feeling whole as a world again.

            Join me this Christmas and Holiday Season in prayer for and expression of Love, Forgiveness, and Hope!

God Bless Everyone,

Dr. Nussbaum